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Friday, March 03, 2006

Got any valuables in that suitcase?

So I promised i would start adding more and more content to this thing; the latest news is our opening night for the Bay One Acts festival third week was huge, 120 people in the house and

they loved our show. The after party at the Old Ship Saloon was a blast as the crew and cast from the previous week's shows showed up and bought us drinks. The toughest thing about making the festival isn't the time it takes or the "blood sweat and tears", it's that each show only runs for a week, so one we've got it all down and synched up, it's time to tear down the lights , find new fx, and change the queues for the next week's shows! We get quickly attached to a week and the production team, and then it all changes :( But it's the best balance to the day job I could ever ask for!
So, here are some more pictures I wanted to publish...there are thousands more...but we'll start small....the top picture is something my friend Ashton in the Navy sent over...crazy bears :)

My Brother Patrick and I at the sister's wedding reception. The party was right on the water at the Cliff House in San Diego!

Graduation was the best because the whole family made it up, and with Steve and Stacey we totalled 13...the loudest chanting group in the audience (steve, i hate you LOL)

The best camping trip snowshoeing into YellowStone near the tippy top of Dewey Point..we camped right on the edge in the snow under some trees...and were convinced that the bears were hungry enough to eat us and our our packs! After falling through some ice into a small river stream, we were thanking our lucky stars it was a warm day for March :)

My grandpa Audley and his crazy friend Jack House....i guess these kind of good friends run in the family :)


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