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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sometimes you read really great stuff out there someone else wrote that you feel could have been written by you during a moment of simple clarity and focus or something you wish you could take credit for and are really happy that at least someone wrote down what you would have been thinking had you thought of it first. 

That kind of thing shall now be known in my world as "Cinko!"...named after an Ugly Doll we've got. Here is the first Cinko! piece, found in a NYTimes article written by George Anders: 


"in fields where picking hits is crucial, executives say it’s vital to keep wooing candidates no matter how jittery the economy. In extended interviews, seven of these talent scouts argue that enduring success can come only from adding more of the best people to their teams.

These executives’ specialties are as diverse as architecture, biotechnology and country music. Asked to share their recruiting principles, they touched on a handful of simple, recurring themes. Among them: take chances on passionate people early in their work lives, focus on what can go right, offer rewards no one else can match and harness the lessons of your own career."



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