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Monday, April 26, 2010

Flex/AS/JEE/Random sites for all things considered!

This will continue to serve as a listing of great finds on the interweb for Flex/ActionScript development, a few JEE links, and some PayPal payment system integration helpers as well. Hope you find em as useful as I have!

Flex/ActionScript/JEE Links are in no particular order (sorry :(...)


Ryan Campbell » 360Flex Session - Accessing Secure APIs within Flex

SDKs and Downloads - PayPal
They mask integration complexities with client libraries that let you program to wrapper library APIs. Find SDKs by language and product – and choose between SOAP and Name-Value Pair interfaces.
PayPal Sandbox - Home
Sandbox is a set of tools and resources to enable developers and merchants to develop eCommerce web sites and applications using PayPal web services.
LC E-Commerce Solutions - Adobe Solution Partner :: RIA tools for E-Commerce - E-Tail

PCI Compliance - PayPal

Credit Card Processing, Credit Card Services - PayPal

Payflow Gateway - PayPal Developer Community

Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition - PayPal
Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition is the Payflow Pro payment gateway solution that uses PayPal as the Internet Merchant Account to process Express Checkout or Direct Payment credit card transactions online.
Farata Systems » ActionScript
Flex 2, DaoFlex, Reporting, Business Intelligence,Flex Best Practices, Flex Design Methodology, Flex Component, Flex Training, Flex Developers, Flex consultants, Flash, ActionScript, RIA, Flex experts, Flex courseware, Flex Instructor, Flex trainer, Adobe Certified Instructor, Adobe Flex certified Instructor, Flex Java Architect

Multi-Tier Application Development with Adobe Flex
CFDJ ColdFusion Developer's Journal, SYS-CON Media, NJ, Breaking Technology News
Flex Snippet Series - State Transitions
small tutorial on the basics of using transitions in flex with corresponding states
fxspy - Google Code
A Fantastic inspection tool to view runtime fields/view components by including a single SWC and a button!

Custom Tooltips Flex 3 - Adobe Flex 3 Help

BitMap instant Snapshot code of a running SWF (Thanks Doug Mccune! Came in super handy!)

Stateful skins in Flex 3, color transitions in buttons now possible - AsFusion

Data Point Alignment on a DateTimeAxis | Tony Fendall's Flex Blog

Source of ChartBackgrounds


Adding custom labels to a Flex ColumnChart control’s column series at Flex Examples
A bunch of examples for Adobe Flex and ActionScript
Showing all datatips and Printing - Flex Column Chart « Random thoughts, Right actions

Converting data from ActionScript to Java -- Flex 2.01

Tiled backgrounds designer
Web based tiled backgrounds designer, create any pattern your site needs just for few minutes. Adjustable size, pictures, colors, texture and transparency
Flex Tool Tip | Flex.org - Rich Internet Application Development

Adobe - Flex Extension

Filtering Data in Flex : Boyzoid's Blog
The Ramblings of a ganiusFiltering Data in Flex :
Datagrid popup as itemEditor

File Upload JS+AS Flex and FileReference.Upload using Firefox and SSL


Tutorial: Creating Flex Salesforce Mashups - developer.force.com

Web Services API - developer.force.com

FlexUnit - Confluence

Psyked - It's easy once you know how.
Psyked.co.uk is the sandbox website of James Ford, Interactive Media Developer. It focuses on Web Design, Web Development and Adobe Flash Design, Development and ActionScripting.
Aviary - Peacock

Flex Custom Preloader « i am josh

Degrafa : Declarative Graphics Framework
Degrafa is a declarative graphics framework for creating rich user interfaces, data visualization, mapping, graphics editing and more.
FZip - côdeazur brasil lab

Using Zip files with Adobe Air, Flex and Flash | Psyked
From côdeazur: FZip FZip is an Actionscript 3 class library to load standard ZIP archives and extract/decompress contained files. FZip parses ZIP
Jibidee.com Launches - Fantastic UI - Online organizer, mini-documents, list management, etc. « Greg Wilson’s Ramblings

<mx:FlexAdmiral> | Flex Tag Cloud, XML, and External Stylesheets Loaded at Runtime

BrianGlodde.com Blog : Basic Flex TagCloud Component

TextInput to Label when editable is false: labs.gerbenrobijn.nl : Blog about Adobe Flash, Flex, Video with Final Cut pro and After Effects by Gerben Robijn

Quietly Scheming » IPE Controls

PureMVC Manifold - AS3 Port [ Standard Version ] / PureMVC Framework for ActionScript 3 - Trac

Accordion with Icons | EverythingFlex: Flex & AIR

Icon Design | Kombine
Kombine is a small Internet development company that produces elegant web sites and graphic design.
200 Free Exclusive Icons: Siena | Webdesigner Depot
Siena is a brand new set of 200 free icons, developed exclusively for Webdesigner Depot. You can use them for your designs such as logos, websites and much

Adobe - Flex Flex Data Services

Adobe - Flex Components

as3fisheye - Google Code

Adobe - Flex Components

Adobe - Flex Extension

Adobe - Flex Components

Time Chooser Adobe - Flex Components

@RemotingDestination annotation for Spring Adobe - Flex Extension

RotatingListFX 1.x Library | Teoti Graphix, LLC

Free Skins and Themes for Adobe Flex

Downloads - jwopitz-lib - Google Code

mannu: Flex's answer to GridBagLayout?

Vertical TabNavigator Component for Flex : hasseg.org

awesm http://demo.quietlyscheming.com/fisheye/TileExplorer.html

Better Than Flex » Blog Archive » Radial (Pie) Menu

Flexcoders.nl V2.0 » tooltip
Blog about things that are related to Flex, Flash and Actionscript
Nifty Flex Accordion Menu (like on Apple.com) | Doug McCune
This is an example of using a slightly modified Flex Accordion to create a sweet looking menu. Someone on flexcoders asked how to make a menu like the one found
Flex Interview Questions
Flex Interview Questions. Flex interview question with answer Technology-Web-20 Internet & Technology
rwc.gif (GIF Image, 476x1922 pixels)

RegExr: Online Regular Expression Testing Tool

Adobe Labs - Text Layout Framework - Flash Player Installation

Isarie » Blog Archive » sIFR Flash Fonts Library

36 Flash button set - FlashDen

AS3 Particle Button - FlashDen

Home - Gilead

Source Checkout - entity-pruner - Google Code

BlazeDS adapter to invoke multiple classes on a Remoting destination « Sujit Reddy G – The Evangelist

Firefox and flex | Enigmatic Thought
Firefox and flex
Untitled » howto

iconPot - totally free icons
Free icons for web development. No back-links required!
ActionScript 3.0 cookbook - Google Book Search

ISO 3166 country names and 2-letter country codes in ActionScript array form

ISO 3166 country names and 2-letter country codes as an HTML selection list as an Adobe Flex component

The Wizard Container | The World In A State of Flex


Type Ahead Drop Down DEfusion.org.uk » FoxyComboBox for Flex

Tink » Blog Archive » PositionedTabNavigator


Degrafa : Declarative Graphics Framework
Degrafa samples ranging from basic usage to complex compositions.
Source of App_ScrollChart_Demo

Showcase:Flex Developer Derby - Adobe Labs

Nested Data Grid | Nate's Code Vault
If you have ever used the DataGrid before, you may have found yourself frustrated with DataGridColumn and the fact that dataField does not support nested
Nested Data in Flex DataGrid by Extending DataGridColumn | Switch on the Code
How to visually show nested data in a DataGrid without using a labelfunction. Shows how to extend DataGridColumn to display nested data including xml.
Adobe Flex Custom Button Skin | Online Timesheet Software - TiMeister - Weblog
Custom Button Skin - Adobe Flex
AS3 Commons Reflect - Introduction to as3commons-reflect

Projects tagged ‘dependencyinjection’ - Ohloh

Drag Drop

Form widgets
Click here for DHTMLgoodies.com, a site with DHTML and Ajax scripts, demos and tutorials.
Hacking mod_jk

Fujaba 5.0.4 - FujabaWiki

UMLet Homepage - Free UML Tool

DHTML eXtensions - professional AJAX components for advanced Web UI - in your PHP, JSP, .NET, ASP and ColdFusion applications
DHTMLX Ajax Toolkit - professional DHTML components for advanced Web user interface: tree, grid, treegrid, menu, tabbar, combo, windows, file uploader, etc.
Submerged - Subversion Blog - Subversion merge reintegrate...
CollabNet is the primary corporate sponsor of Subversion and the #1 solution for multi-site software development
Source of FlexLibSliderTrackClick

Source of dateHSliderExample

HSlider - flexlib

FRESH Add-on - Icon Eden

Advanced Data Grid Stuff

Flex 3 - Adobe Flex 3 Help

AdvancedDataGridColumn - Adobe® Flex™ 3.4 Language Reference

AdvancedDataGridBase - Adobe® Flex™ 3.4 Language Reference

Auto Resizable AdvancedDataGrid « Rendezvous with technology

Flex Graphing Charting and Fun Stuff

Source of Flex Finance

Quietly Scheming » Chart DrillDown Animations

Splitting Flex application into modules « Sujit Reddy G – The Evangelist

birdeye - Google Code

Random Flex/ActionScript/JEE toolsets, frameworks, and Fun

XStream - About XStream

Apache Tomcat - Apache Tomcat

MySQL :: The world's most popular open source database

Apache Ant - Welcome

JDK 5 Documentation

CollabNet, Facilitating Collaborative Software Development
Apache CXF - Index

WebServices - Axis


hibernate.org - Hibernate
The Professional Open Source Company
SiteMesh - SiteMesh Overview
Opensymphony SiteMesh - Web-page layout and decoration framework and web-application integration framework to aid in creating large sites consisting of many pages for which a consistent look/feel, navigation and layout scheme is required.
Display tag library - Overview

Apache Lucene - Overview

www.centos.org - The Community ENTerprise Operating System
CentOS -- Community ENTerprise Operating System is a free rebuild of source packages freely available from a Prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor.
The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)

HowTos - CentOS Wiki

www.centos.org - Forums - FAQ & Readme first - Installing Software
CentOS -- Community ENTerprise Operating System is a free rebuild of source packages freely available from a Prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor.

Increase productivity, communication, and collaboration using UML visual modeling platform.
Visual Paradigm, with products Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML), Smart Development Environment (SDE) and DB Visual Architect (DB-VA)

ScaleNine : Skins and Themes for Flex and AIR
Scale Nine : Graphical theme and skin goodness for Flex and AIR.
Flex Style Explorer | EverythingFlex

Session data management in Flex Remoting « Sujit Reddy G - The Evangelist

The News is NowPublic.com

Displaying icons in a Flex List control at Flex Examples
A bunch of examples for Adobe Flex and ActionScript
Adding Drag-and-Drop & Drop Deny to DataGrid

The RIV Developer Corner: Flex Skinning: Introduction w/ Buttons (Part 1)

Flex Atlanta. presentation degrafa 360flex
FlexLive.net » BlazeDS Message Channels


Using the Logging API -- Flex 2

ExternalInterface - ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference

Ted On Flash: Using Flash Player under HTTPS with Flex and Flash
Ted On Flash - Ted on Flash is a blog dedicated to the Flash Platform and all related technologies, Flash, Flex, and AIR. Go Flash Go!
[flexcoders] Re: Firefox - FileReference.upload and HTTPService do not s

Mojo Flex: Uploading File over HTTPS with FileReference

Tips & Tricks - ItemEditors - II « flexgeek

An Introduction to Salesforce.com's AppExchange | O'Reilly Media
Tony Stubblebine dives into the Salesforce.com developer program and introduces the basics of working with the powerful Salesforce.com AppExchange platform.
Cairngrom Source

Flash/AJAX File Upload w/ Progress Server Control - Joshua Stengel

[all variants] Installing Flex 3 SDK? - Ubuntu Forums
[all variants] Installing Flex 3 SDK? Installation & Upgrades
Hibernate Tutorial,Hibernate 3 Tutorials,Java Hibernate Example,Hibernate Online Code
Hibernate Tutorials - Provides best hibernate tutorial, online hibernate examples, spring hibernate tutorials for beginners, hibernate basic tutorials, hibernate simple example for beginners.
Chapter 13. Batch processing

Andrew Trice - Large Data Sets


webroo.org » Quality Glow and Blur Flex effects
webroo.org - Matt Sweetman :: Flex & Actionscript Development
Hex Hub HTML Color Codes: Hexadecimal codes for named colors used in HTML page features
Color name; swatch; and red, green, and blue hexadecimal color codes for hundreds of colors for use in HTML Web page features or applications requiring color values for light
Nabble - FlexCoders - Menu icons not displayed

Frish's Blog: Making Flex Menus Easier

judah’s blog » Blog Archive » HTML Component for Flex 2 (preview)

[#SDK-21780] FocusManager RTE in defaultButton scenario. was: Navigating around LiveCycle Workspace results in an ActionScript null pointer error - Adobe Bug System

Michael Geist - The ACTA Internet Chapter: Putting the Pieces Together
Dr. Michael Geist is the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa., acta internet chapter

AutoComplete: Documentation « Hillel Coren

AutoComplete « Hillel Coren

Confluence > Visualization Layouts > Visualization layouts

InfoQ: A Crash Course in Modern Hardware
In this presentation from the JVM Languages Summit 2009, Cliff Click discusses the Von Neumann architecture, CISC vs RISC, the rise of multicore, Instruction-Level Parallelism (ILP), pipelining, out-of-order dispatch, static vs dynamic ILP, performance impact of cache misses, memory performance, memory vs CPU caching, examples of memory/CPU cache interaction, and tips for improving performance.
Submerged - Subversion Blog - Subversion 1.6.0 and Tree Confl...
CollabNet is the primary corporate sponsor of Subversion and the #1 solution for multi-site software development

Yahoo! Developer Network - Flash Developer Center

Expanding and Contracting Animated Menu In Flex | Axelology

Axel Jensen on Coldfusion and Flex

DD Flex SDK to 3.3
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) - "MD2withRSA is disabled" error after Java upgrade
Archive: Download Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) 6u16
Archive: Download Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) 6 Update 15

TextInput wmode opaque/tranpsarent workaround at Jozef Chúťka's blog
A cup of...: Hibernate Caches
Simplified Chaos » In 30 Seconds: Ten must-read blogs for the Adobe Flex/AIR Developer
Flex Resources - Adobe Flex.org


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